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Septic System Service

Do You Notice A
Septic Odor?

Several factors can result in a septic odor, or “rotten egg” smell. These may include: 

  • A clogged plumbing air vent on your roof. These vents equalize pressure in your drainpipes and keep odors out, and will need to be cleaned out from time to time.
  • A dried out p-trap. This often happens in bathrooms which are rarely used.
  • The drain field lines may have failed or the tank may be leaking.
  • The tank needs to be pumped.

Septic systems are installed in areas where city sewer is not available to handle building wastewater. We install underground piping, tanks, pumps, and grinders in the Tuscaloosa area to promote healthy, functioning systems.

These systems are usually composed of a holding tank and a drainage field installed in the soil that will support the system to filter and clean water from the tank. These tanks require routine maintenance to ensure that the waste does not build up. We offer both scheduled maintenance and emergency services when wastewater builds up in your yard.

There are many factors that can contribute to septic system failure. Natural causes like algae buildup can clog pipes; we can drain the pipes and make sure they are running efficiently. Many other problems can also stop effectiveness: these include damage by heavy equipment, installation of new buildings, piping from play equipment, roots from trees and other vegetation, and other unusual activity. We can repair and replace lines and pumps in the Tuscaloosa area to ensure your septic system is in working condition.

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